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Our Service

Team Triton is a team on a mission to deliver service far above and beyond what people have come to expect. Our washing, waxing and detailing equipment is second to none, and so are our people.  Our waxing ingredients are of the highest quality just like our people. Our detailing equipment is fine tuned just like our people.

Here at Triton, we have years of experience and are trained to look out for those details that will assure that your vehicle looks great. Every car is inspected as it leaves our car wash tunnels. We hand dry the spots where water hides, such as behind rear view mirrors and around the lips of windows. With each visitor, we find great satisfaction in knowing that another customer’s day has been made. The sky is now bluer. The road is now clearer. When you leave Triton, your car will be a castle fit for king, queen and little warriors alike.

Nothing brings devotion to our mission quite like serving families, and in particular the mightiest family members of all – the kids. Probably because we get to meet and enjoy so many of them. At Triton, it’s not uncommon for entire families to visit our car care centers. Why?  Because it’s fun. Kids are fun. And we’re devoted to them. All fundraising and volunteering efforts are dedicated to supporting child protection and child development campaigns. We make ourselves available to lend visibility to a wide host of child-oriented charitable events. If you have important fundraising events for children that you think serves them well, let us know. We would like to help.


Triton Washworld carwash Triton Washworld carwash


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